May 4, 2017

Cardlock Fueling

Would you like to save hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars per year by lowering your aggregate fuel costs?

River City Petroleum customers are doing just that, every day, saving money on their fuel purchases while controlling their fleet’s fueling program. River City Petroleum provides fleet fueling through extensive cardlock networks nationwide, with nine company owned cardlock facilities in the Las Vegas market.  Our clients have the ability to customize a program that puts them in charge of when, where, and how their vehicles are fueled.

Additionally, River City customers have direct access to transactions online, as well as an option to have receipts sent directly to their email. River City Petroleum offers a wide range of reports that show any unusual daily activity per card, and monthly reports that eliminate the need to hand key data into your accounting systems, while giving you the data needed to track every gallon of fuel you purchase. Combine that with large accessible sites that accommodate your vehicles and eliminate waiting in line at a retail station, and you can see how River City Petroleum’s commercial fueling systems add profit to your bottom line.

Our Cardlock Features Include:

  • Card restrictions based on time of day, day of week, gallons per day, and more
  • Immediate validation or invalidation of cards from your office or ours
  • Odometer Tracking
  • Twenty-four seven live support to help you when you need it
  • Email notification of card abuse or over use
  • Electronic receipts sent to you within minutes of fueling
  • Custom transaction reporting
  • Over 230,000 locations nation wide
  • No monthly fees

Why do you need a RiverCityPetroleum Fleet Card?

  • Eliminate unnecessary time spent manually tracking paper receipts, monthly reconciliations, and manual fuel tax calculations
  • Identify and eliminate unauthorized fuel purchases
  • Identify and eliminate unauthorized fuel type purchases like mid grade and premium unleaded
  • Eliminate non fuel purchases added to your fuel bill commonly experienced when issuing cash or a company credit card

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