June 21, 2017

Valero Branding

Benefits of the Valero Brand

  •         Fresh, new high-quality brand image
  •         Part of a growing national network of stores
  •         Brand conversion paid by Valero for qualifying sites
  •         Secure supply of TOP TIER certified fuels with competitive pricing
  •         Participation in Valero’s Commercial and Fleet Services programs
  •         Participation in our many value-added programs, including:
    • Commitment to Excellence Mystery Shop Program
    • Valero eSource online convenience store supply, equipment and Valero image maintenance shopping site
    • Network connectivity and POS System programs

Visibility Through Advertising

  •         High-impact brand advertising via television, radio, social and digital media, POP signage and sports sponsorships
  •         Coordinated brand/image materials for your canopy, dispensers and storefront
  •         Valero Coming Soon and Grand Opening support
  •         Brand recognition through name events like the Valero Texas Open and the Valero Alamo Bowl

Credit Card Program Benefits

  •         Acceptance of Valero’s no fee, proprietary credit card and gift card as well as bank and travel cards
  •         Personalized 24-hour support from Valero’s own Payment Service Center
  •         Credit card marketing support such as signage promotions, pre-screened mailings and various application methods

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